Coronavirus Customer Information

Additional Safeguards when treating clients

As a beauty salon, cleanliness has always been a critical part of our customer service. In the current climate though we are making additional safeguards to keep staff and clients healthy and safe.

The service we provide is a contact-led service. We are taking active measures to ensure treatment surfaces and equipment are wiped before and after treatments, staff and customers wash their hands before every treatment and if necessary, gloves and masks will be worn.

Advice from the Authorities

We are vigilantly following advice from Centres for Disease Control and Prevention who recommend cleaning frequently touched services – such as toilets, computer keyboards, chairs, door handles and telephones – with soap and water, and then disinfecting with an EPA-registered household disinfectant containing at least 70% alcohol between clients.

We have also listened carefully to our clients and staff and though we are all worried about what is happening life is carrying on as normal as it can be under the circumstances.

A changing situation

The situation is likely to change over the coming days and weeks, however our fantastic team is working incredibly hard to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and treatment care.

So, we just ask clients to be a little patient with us as we take some extra time to prepare in-between treatments.

For the time being we remain open as usual and welcome anybody wanting to take some time to relax in a safe, clean salon.