Aftercare – Massage / Reflexology / Indian Head Massage

  • It is advisable to avoid a heavy meal immediately prior to or after a treatment. It is also advisable not to receive treatment if you have had an alcoholic drink within the last 8 hours.
  • Reactions are something felt both good and bad – do not worry this is just the process of the body riding itself of toxins. You may urinate or have more frequent bowel movements, flatulence, feel a little dizzy, thirsty, tired, have a headache, even feel a little nausea. Each person reacts differently. You can find yourself more relaxed, sleep better, have more energy and generally feel better in yourself.
  • Try not to drink alcohol for 24 hours. You will just be putting toxins straight back into your body. Drink plenty of cooled, boiled water or herbal tea which will help flush out the toxins. Any exercise should be light.
  • Be careful when driving after treatment, you may be still feeling light headed.